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05/06/2017 - Tickets NOW ON SALE!

Well, we're now open for ticket sales! Please have a look a the tickets/prices page for more information... (click to read more!) All tickets must be purchased before the end of August please. You can pay in installments if required, just let us know. To pay, please contact us for details.

13/1/2017 - We're Back!

Following, what we thought would be, a year off - we were approached by Channel 4 to film as part of a series that will be aired this November... (click to read more!) So in just 3 weeks, we turned around a "Mini" BodyFactory "Jam", with 12 artists attending. The day was held at Mount Edgecome House at the very Eastern peak of Cornwall, just a stone's throw from Plymouth, Devon. It was a really fun day and hopefully everyone will tune in to watch! We will let you know the broadcasting date and time as soon as we know.

01/10/2014 - When can I book?

Bookings will open on the 1st April 2017. Ticket prices are still yet to be confirmed, but will be online as soon as possible. We will be doing things a little bit differently this year, so keep tuned to our Facebook page for the most regular updates.